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What does reading the death notices say about me?

Maybe I am a morbid voyeur? Maybe I am simply weird? I don’t know somebody that is sick that is likely to die soon. Nor am I in the age group where friends are regularly popping their clogs. And no – this is not a recent thing. Reading the death notices has been a regular […]

Compassion fatigue – does it really exist? By Cheryl Fry

  Compassion fatigue is a term that is often mentioned in conjunction with stress and burnout in the Veterinary world. It is defined as the combination of the emotional, physical, psychological, and spiritual exhaustion that can result when veterinary staff are repeatedly exposed to another’s pain and suffering. It suggests that caregivers are tired of feeling too […]

Are KPIs really Key PERFORMANCE Indicators or are they actually Key PROFIT Indicators?

There is plenty of noise in the wider world around the way that KPI’s have driven staff behavior – but not in the way that the companies involved were probably envisaging! The stories that hit the news head-lines are the ones where the focus on particular KPIs has driven unethical behavior harming reputations and/or company […]

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