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What if it were different?

The last 18 months has been incredibly tough. Nobody out there in veterinary land is going to dispute that statement. We, like most of you, have been busy doing the work and we haven’t got to writing about the work. But this post has been brewing for a while. Because as we do the work, […]

Help! I want more joy and less stress. But how do I get that?

You join a Reflective Practice group utilising the Balint framework – that’s how! We know that we have problems in our profession. Here is an intervention aimed at those difficult interactions, the emotional burden we carry and the ethical dilemmas we navigate. Cathy is collaborating with Renske van den Brink and Prue Bonifant from NZ […]

Why invest in the well-being of your veterinary team?

Are you tired of putting out the fires? Would you prefer to invest in your or the teams well-being and avoid a lot of angst, time, expense, grey hair and fire-fighting? This research has been swirling around us for some time and now it is all captured into a short document specifying the reasons why […]

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