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5 Steps to creating a healthy habit

The ways that we think and act in life are often habitual. Habits can be really helpful as the associated behaviours happen with little input from our thinking brain – it is easy and automatic. This post looks at the steps to take to instill a new positive habit and to avoid procrastination and avoidance. Click here to see the full post. Published 14/9/17

Working too hard or too long?? How to have the conversation with your boss

Some workplaces have a culture of overwork – they worship busyness in their business. Advocating for our needs can be scary but it is better to do so than to allow chronic overwork to affect our mental health. Click here to read the post and gain some tips on having the conversation. Published 19/5/17

How to Survive and Thrive and Manage Stress

Dr Anne Fawcett is a Sydney-based veterinarian, journalist and educator that blogs at Anne blogged about a presentation that I gave recently at the NSW division conference. Click here to read her blog. Published 22/3/17

Why would somebody need a coach?

The concept of coaching is pretty new and radical in the veterinary industry. But it has been mainstream for many years in other industries. Click here to read the post. Published 18/12/16

A lunch break is not a luxury

Our cars stop if we neglect to refuel them. Our bodies and brains will do the same if we neglect them. We need both food and adequate rest to keep us motoring along. Taking a lunch break should be the norm in your workplace. Click here to read the post. Published 25/11/16

What are the long-term effects of ignoring toxicity and bad behavior in the workplace?

Ignoring toxic attitudes and behaviours is tempting. Who likes conflict, right? But they will keep snowballing until action is taken. Click here to read the post – “Don’t Let Toxic Attitudes Poison Your Practice”. Published 21/10/16.

CLING on to your mental well-being

Click here to read about simple, evidence-based happiness interventions that may help you to turn an ordinary or even hair-raising day into a great one. Published 10/8/16

Slowing an Overactive Mind

Do you continue to think about what happened at work long after you get home? Maybe the mind churn is even disrupting your sleep. Click here to read the post which suggests strategies for slowing your mind, giving you more focus and enthusiasm for everything else! Published 30/6/17

Pathological altruism – Why do we do it?

Are you a great care-giver – offering the support, encouragement and sound advice to people which allows them to solve problems and move forward? And what about you, do you extend the same structures to yourself? Or do you say totally different things to yourself in similar situations? Click here to read the blog which contemplates the reasons why we might give to others and forget about ourselves. Published 26/4/17

Well-being in the veterinary work-place

Oh, the times they are a-changing… Or are they?? Click here to read the post. Published 13/2/17

Study tips for Veterinary (And All Other) Students

It is that time of the year when student veterinarians, nurses and others are busily preparing for their end of year exams. There are easy things they can do to learn, retain and regurgitate knowledge more readily. Click here to read. Published 21/10/16.

Our brains are malleable and we can change IF we want to.

Back in the 1980’s we believed that when it came to things like communication, optimism and self-regulation – we got what we were given. The science of neuroplasticity now shows us that we can change. Click here to read about neuroplasticity and find out how you can change. Published 8/9/16

Becoming and staying successful in veterinary practice.

When you contemplate the word success, what comes to mind for you? If you asked 10 people this question, you would probably get a variety of different answers. Click here to read a post on success in the veterinary profession. Published 14/7/16