Working in the veterinary industry? Feel that there should be more? More time, more connection, more fun? In your practice? In your life?

You are not alone. There is a better way of working.

Make Headway – advancing veterinary mental health and well-being.

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I loved last months session. You guys really help ground me and engage my analytical brain. I’m trying really hard to remember perspective in my difficult work/life interactions and the more time I spend with the [Share and Care] group the more tools I have for this / the more I remember to do it!

I found that especially in these uncertain times it was great to speak with a group of like minded individuals and remember that we are never alone.

I cannot imagine spending the last Wednesday of the month anywhere else.

I have been having individual coaching sessions with Cheryl over the last few years. Through these sessions I have learned how to break my goals down into achievable, practical steps, to make the changes I need to improve my life. Cheryl understands the challenges that we come across in day to day veterinary work, and because of this is able to help brainstorm realistic and sustainable solutions. I would highly recommend the individual coaching sessions to anyone in the veterinary industry.

I am feeling so much better in myself. I am HAPPY again and its oozing out of me. I had forgotten what that part of me feels like.

Thank you so much for helping me realise it was even possible to find a new job that ticked all my requirements but most importantly that it could be a win-win for both.

  • Work life balance. TICK
  • Convenience. TICK
  • Fun at work. TICK
  • Pay and hours TICK
  • Learning stuff TICK
  • Quality of care TICK

I think that with my skills, I will also bring exactly what they need to the team.

We all need someone like Cathy in our corner – someone you can talk to when things are looking bleak and down. I like the saying “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear”. Cathy has been that person for me, and I can’t speak of her highly enough.

Cathy is a dedicated and passionate individual who understands the veterinary profession. Her approach to coaching is positive and empathic. By using a range of strategies Cathy has helped me to clarify my values and navigate some challenging circumstances. If only support like this had been available earlier in my veterinary career!

About Us

Cathy Warburton & ‘Jelly’

Cathy Warburton & ‘Jelly’

Veterinary Well-Being Consultant and Coach

Dr Cathy Warburton
Dip Pos Psych and Well-being

Cathy graduated from Murdoch University in 1989 as a veterinarian. She worked as a clinician, trainer and manager in private, university and corporate practices for 25 years, mostly in the pressure cooker environment of Emergency and Critical Care.

During her career, Cathy progressed from being very animal and clinical focused to becoming more and more interested in the people – the clients and her colleagues. Her experiences as a manager, along with her own trials and tribulations around mental health, created a passion for training and empowering people to increase their psychological resources and well-being.

Cathy completed a Diploma in Positive Psychology and Well-being and further training in coaching before starting Make Headway with the aim of having professionals support professionals to advance veterinary mental health. Cathy is also a Mental Health First Aider.

Cathy is based in Melbourne, Australia. She is committed to doing the right thing by others, lifelong learning, leading a balanced, sustainable life and finding joy in the little things.

Cheryl Fry & ‘Milo’

Cheryl Fry & ‘Milo’

Certified Professional Well-being Coach

Dr Cheryl Fry

After graduating from Veterinary Science at Melbourne University in 1992, Cheryl began her career as a veterinarian at a small animal clinic in Adelaide. From there, as her skills and experience grew, compounded by her completion of a Masters in Small Animal Medicine and Surgery (Murdoch University) she shifted to a larger clinic where she first started to experience the common frustrations of being a veterinary surgeon.

Whilst her love for her clinic and work did not diminish, she realised that the stress and anxiety, alongside her own high standards of skill and care started to affect her own mental health. She then made the decision to combine life coaching with veterinary care, and has not looked back since.

Her love of animals and of clients returned rapidly and she found a new thrill in being able to use her intuition, compassion and empathy to help other vets make a difference!

Her role as your Personal Certified Life Coach is to find out what isn’t working in your life at the moment, what you want to be different in your future, and how to get from where you are today to where you want to be. She will partner with you in your own personal journey to a happier and more fulfilled life.

Cheryl is an independent coach based in Sydney, Australia.

Who We Are

At Make Headway, we are veterinary professionals empowering veterinary professionals towards enhanced performance and well-being.

At Make Headway, we believe that the acquisition of clinical skills and knowledge is just the first step on the pathway to being an excellent vet, vet nurse, receptionist or manager.

At Make Headway, we believe in the art of veterinary medicine. We provide education and coaching around the supporting structures that allow veterinary professionals to effectively and sustainably utilize their clinical skills and knowledge – their mindset, emotional intelligence, self-care skills, resilience and interpersonal communication.

At Make Headway, we work compassionately, ethically and collaboratively, each bringing our own individual and complementary experiences and skills.

At Make Headway, we love science and research. We know that you can grow your psychological resources, move yourself to the right along the continuum that is mental health (see below) and lead a more fulfilling life. And we want to help you do so.

Make Headway – advancing veterinary mental health and well-being

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