Are you ready to create new healthy habits?

Join us in a 4 week well-being challenge – starting this coming Monday the 17th September.

Most of us know the things that we should do to be healthy. But when it comes to it, our mind often talks us out of it.

  • I should go for a walk at lunch-time but….
  • I want to learn to be more mindful but I never seem to have the time.
  • Today has been madness, a glass of wine will wind me down

We want to help you to cut the thinking brain out of the equation and to program the habit centre of the brain. Once a habit has been embedded in the habit centre (located in the basal ganglia if you are interested), then the action happens easily and repeatedly, with minimal effort on your part.

What could be easier than an App designed to enhance mental and physical wellbeing with simple and time effective healthy rituals?

Cheryl and Cathy at Make Headway have joined up with the team at “Ritualize” to introduce their Well Being App to the veterinary industry.

  • It is easy
  • It is science-based
  • You can join as an individual or a practice

At last count, 44 people from the veterinary world were joining us the for the inaugural quest. You have until Sunday to be a part of this.

Click here to register.

Or find out more on our face-book page.

Or email Cheryl – if you would like more information.