What We Do

Individual Coaching

Embrace opportunities or address problems and roadblocks with the support of our compassionate and experienced veterinary coaches

Customised Coaching

Book and pay as you go ($150 for each 1 hour session) or sign up for a block of coaching (valid for 12 months from date of purchase)

4 sessions for $500, 10 sessions for $1200.

Low confidence?

Are you a new or recent graduate, are you excessively worried about losing a patient or your job, or have you become rattled by surgery or a client complaint? Is your mind continually churning with negative self-talk?

4 sessions for $550 (includes 4 work-books).

Transition Coaching

Contemplating a transition to a new role, a new workplace, maybe a new industry?

4 sessions for $550 (includes 4 work-books)


Do you feel like you are on a hamster wheel and need some help to get off? 4 sessions for $550 (includes 4 work-books)

Just not feeling happy?

  • Do you feel like you should be happy and satisfied with your lot but you just aren’t? Need support to make change? 4 sessions for $550 (includes 4 work-books)

Energy Leadership Index (ELI) and debrief

Looking for an objective measure of how you are travelling?

  • The ELI AssessmentTM from iPEC is an online attitudinal assessment that measures your current leadership ability, level of engagement in life, and level of self-awareness. It determines how you “show up” when life is going well versus when you are under stress. The energy that you bring to any situation impacts the outcome or results that you get. Take the assessment and learn about your own personal energetic profile, including what works best for you and what might be holding you back from your true potential.
  • Special Introductory offer! – Take the ELI Assessment followed by a 1-2 hour session discussing your results with Cheryl. Normally $420. The current discounted fee for Make Headway clients, is $199

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Group Education

Get your team talking the same language, grow their psychological resources and enhance your practice culture and morale through group education for your staff.

  • Potential topics include well-being and how to get it, self-care strategies, developing emotional intelligence, resilience and stress management, mindset, positive communication strategies, team-building, building team buy-in, beating burnout, positive people management and handling difficult clients and conversations.
  • We have topics suitable for lunch-and-learns through to full day or weekend workshops.
  • We love to use discussion, individual reflections and group activities, allowing participants to customize the information to their own lives.
  • Make an enquiry about developing a training plan for your organisation.


  • How high achievers succeed…and keep succeeding
  • The positivity project – Group mentoring for Well-being Warriors (graduates of the high achievers course)
  • Monthly mentoring for new and recent graduates

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